Monday, January 5, 2015

X-mas in Osp

Haukkari is slowly turning into a sport climbing blog, but who cares. Osp is simply too good and too close to be ignored. This time we spent two weeks in the limestone paradise, and I'm pretty sure we are coming back soon.

  Good morning Slovenia


  Sunshine and steep limestone, helt okej! Me campusing Durango 7b+

 A Slovak hardman on Hobit 7c

 This time we climbed also in Croatia. This is Pandora, one of the coolest sectors I've ever seen. Sometimes there is a waterfall coming through the big hole at the roof.

  This is Kompanj in Croatia, one of the biggest areas close to Buzet. It is about 40 km from Osp.

 Even if you prefer trad climbing, it's hard not to like the limestone in Croatia.

  Anu & Croatian via ferrata 

 Back in Osp. This time we took bikes with us for rest day activities. 

 Italy is just a few kilometers away. A big shopping center (with Decathlon) is 6 km from Osp.

 A view from the road to Osp

  The bridge

  A young gun and Hobit 7c

  Even younger gun, a nine-year-old girl on the sharp end 

  Anu & Jumbo 7a. Close but...

  Winter came to Osp.

  We cycled to Crni Kal to have a white Christmas

  The view from Crni Kal 

  A Slovenian castle

  The climbers' parking was easy to spot

  Back to basecamp, tea and a chess match

  Silvo's birthday party

  Misja Pec central wall, long and steep

 A random guy at Misja Pec

  Anu & Desna Bunkica 6b+

 A mandatory art photo of a tree

Happy new year!