Thursday, November 27, 2014


Osp is a small town in southwestern Slovenia. It is close to both Italian and Croatian borders and only a few kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea. The distance from Mödling is 465 km, which might be a lot or not depending how you take it.  For us who are used to driving to Niemisel (320 km) and Hell (600 km) from Umeå, it’s quite ok for a weekend trip, especially as the whole way goes on good freeway. 

It's still possible to free climb around Vienna, but when the weather is bad, it's nice to have an option like this.


 Osp is basically one church and ten houses, there is not even a food store. Luckily, there is a refugio and camping...

...and some seriously good limestone. The approach to the closest sector (Banje) is about 5 minutes.

 Cactuses make you feel like being abroad 

The weather was nice and sunny. Actually it was too hot for our Spanish friend who wanted to climb in the shade all the time.

 Ruben & Suznji vertikale 7a+

 Some lower angle routes at Babna

Misja pec is about 15 min walking distance from Osp. 

The view of the other side of the crag. You can always find both shade and sun. And it’s not just steep and juggy tufa climbing, there are plenty of 40+ meter routes at Misja pec. At Velika Stena (close by crag) you can find even longer sport routes, up to 110 meters.

 Wouter working on Hobit 7c

An unknown climber on Talk is cheap 8c

 Waldek on Tortuga A 7b

 This angle shows the steepness a bit better…

Me & Tortuga A 7b

An unknown climber on Mr. bighand 8b+

An unknown climber on Galaktika 8a+

 Tedijeva luknja, a cave at Misja pec

 Traffic on the wall

 A good rest on Stinger 7c

 An unknown climber on Hugolina 7b+

 Sunset at Misja pec

 Niki coming down from a 6c route called 9a

There are 23 crags/sectors around Osp in the guidebook, but the ones within walking distance are enough reason to drive here.  This is Luknja, the home of Grande Grotta-like tufa climbing. 

 Back to refugio

 The place is not officially open yet, but it's one of the nicest and cleanest refugios I've ever been to.

The kitchen had a nice and big gas stove

 The owner of the refugio and wine from the nearby village, local enough for me

 Mandatory sunset photo

 Art photo of the day

Until the next time!