Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Work trip in Brazil

Sunrise in Macae 

Our hotel was right next to the beach, which was only annoying as after the first day we didn't really have any free time 

No swimming, the sea is dangerous 

Locals having fun with the waves

I also got a board, but managed to break it in the first wave. 

Too bad, the waves only got better

 Locals playing volleyball in the evening

 Baywatch-running in the morning

After two days of medical tests we found out they didn't value our IRATA certs. We had to do a local "work at height” NR35-course. We did some hauling, climbed ladders and watched a video about a random guy committing suicide. Very informative, I had no idea what happens if you fall 30 meters to the ground.


 Street art

 Street art with Johnny

 More street art without Johnny

 More street art with Johnny

Our crazy driver

Views from the road back to Rio 

Traffic on the sea

Rio is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, never leave your car in this neighborhood

I had a few hours before my flight so I decided to check out some tourist attractions 

 Jesus statue seen from Mirante Dona Marta

 A local animal

There are some stairs you need you climb to get to the statue. Of course there is a solution for fat people as well.

 No need to be alone at Christ the Redeemer. I have never seen as many selfie sticks in one place.

Copacabana beach 

 Sugarloaf Mountain

 There is some climbing at Sugarloaf Mountain as well

 Some rich people checking out the statue

 Christ the Redeemer

Monday, May 9, 2016

A sad day at Hohe Wand

 Anu on Mond und Sterne 7-

The first pitch was pretty nice, but the rest of the route was loose and shitty

 On the way back we saw a helicopter flying close to the wall

 Soon the parking lot started to fill up with police cars

 A rescue copter landed on the nearby field

 Rescuers on the way

 Unfortunately there was nothing to be rescued anymore so the rescue copter flew away

A 21-year old climber had fallen 130-140 meters to the ground. Apparently he was climbing on easy ground without protection when a hold broke.

 The place was right under a via ferrata called Blutspur, which is known to have a dangerous approach.

 A police copter with a rescuer hanging on the rope

The accident happened right below the Skywalk

 The copter picked up the casualty

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spring photos

Back to rope access business!

Time goes fast, I had to revalidate my IRATA ticket. I did it at Access Techniques in Sheffield, highly recommended!

 Peak District, bouldering with sheep

Adam was showing me some classics in the area. 

 When the British weather is what it is, bouldering is not a bad idea

 Especially when "longer routes" are as high as Rollarit

 Manchester, Olli getting excited

Eetu & the fingerboard. This is how to stay in shape when you don't have an access to real rock.

 The biggest lie ever

When you only have a one day free in between jobs, Hohe wand is not a bad place to be. We simul climbed Draschgrat in 42 minutes before heading back to the airport.

Anu has focused on training while I've been travelling, she ran Vienna City Marathon in 4:12:56. (With a bottle of dish soap and a sponge??)

Anu in Albenga

 Apparently it's a nice place

 Highline action at Peilstein

 They used a drone to fix the line

In the meantime I was stuck somewhere in the UK. Here is a light & fast solution for writing a book while travelling.