Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Yosemite 2013, intro

I've always dreamed of soloing bigwalls. I just cannot think of anything cooler than spending days alone on a huge overhanging wall. I’ve been thinking about it for years, and soloing Rännan last winter made me finally understand what I am capable of doing alone.

Suddenly I had plane tickets to San Francisco and transportation arranged to Yosemite. Everything happened fast and almost too easily... I guess my Patagonia-plans did the trick and after a while Anu was almost forcing me to Yosemite. Hah, Tom Evans was right, I have the best wife ever!

 Gustav & Fredrik, a Swedish NIAD-team was driving to Yosemite so I booked the backseat.

Welcome to America!

 Pancake machine almost made the hotel worth all the money

 A mandatory stop...

 Getting a site from Camp 4 can be difficult, especially if you don't want to drive through the night. We booked a night from Indian Flat right outside of the valley and a few nights from Upper Pines campground to make it easier to move to Camp 4

 The valley was filled with smoke from a huge forest fire...

El Capitan 

 The sun

 Smoke cleared a bit and we drove to meadows to have a look at El Cap

...and yes it's bigger than in the pictures!

Late night with King Cobra!

And Jack & Jim... These guys can help you if your plans are bigger than your balls.

Btw. Climbing seems to be more mainstream than ever. Sold out Sisu Masters competition was one thing, (if you missed, check it out from here!) but when the shoe-giant Zalando starts to sell climbing shoes, you kind of know that today's markets are something else than 10 years ago. They interviewed me about climbing shoes a while ago, you can find the interview from here.