Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Crag hunting has been our primary sport when the weather is bad. This time we decided to check out Köningshöhle. It is a small boulder cave in Baden, about 10 km from Mödling. 

The area is also known for downhill tracks, so there was a good chance to find something worth the hike.

 15 minutes approach was pretty much on the limit that I would walk for bouldering

 The main feature in Königshöhle is a cool arch

 The cave is pretty steep and here it’s possible to climb even when it’s raining

 Anu & Mezza da luna 6a+

 Me & Love is not a game 6c. Soft but no cigar.

 There is a big block in the middle of the cave. No matter which side you are climbing on, there is always a chance to hit your head. I think the only reason the block is still there is because Dag lives in Umeå.

 It’s not only jugs in Königshöhle. This is Hormonregler 7c (I think). The hardest problem in the cave is 8b+.

 Time to complain about bad friction

 Culture act of the day: Ruine Rauheneck (a castle)

 Anu spotted a bar where we stopped by while riding on Lindkogel-strecke

 I’m probably just getting old, but it’s kind of cool to see almost 1000-year-old buildings.

 Anu & her crux of the day: passing pigeons


 Some rich people

 Another castle

Sometimes I wonder if bouldering sucks mainly because I usually do it when the weather is bad. On the other hand, if the weather is good, why to ruin a good day on purpose.