Friday, October 24, 2014

Der Winter kommt

Semmering bike park is closing the doors for the winter season. It’s hard to believe as the weather has been nice and warm until the last days. Now it has rained a couple of days but it still feels like a (Finnish) summer to me.

Time has gone fast. In July I started to work with a big 3D-project. It's nice to be able to work in distance with a Finnish client as finding a job from here is a bit more complicated when you don't speak German. I did start a German course a month ago so hopefully that's going to change soon.

Unfortunately I can’t show what I’ve been working with, but here is an older project I did for training a while ago.

 As I’m working through my own company, I can choose my working hours. Nothing beats a midday quickie in Peilstein.

 Peilstein two weeks ago, it was still pretty warm. I climbed all day in the shade and a t-shirt was more than enough.

 Mandatory selfie in action at the top of Cimone


 Semmering bike park

 During the week you can ride pretty much alone, but on the weekends it’s quite busy.

 Lifts are big and comfy

 This is what I really like about Semmering, it’s very beginner friendly. There are always different options to fit your skills.

A local guy taking some air

 Riders waiting their turn

 The young generation shows how it’s done

 It’s hard to take photos while riding...

 More air time by a local badass

 Mist came in

On the top it’s still nice and sunny. This photo was taken on 19 Oct. Hard to believe they are closing the doors on 26 Oct for winter season.