Friday, October 3, 2014

Hohe Wand

Hohe Wand is, as the name refers, a “high wall”. More specifically, it’s a 8 km wide and 300 meters high rock face with top at 1132 meters. There are several guidebooks for Hohe Wand. A sport climbing guidebook (UIAA 6 - 10, 1000 routes), and a guidebook for easier routes (UIAA 1 - 6, 750 routes) are probably the best known. We have yet another guidebook, ”pleasure climbing", (up to UIAA 7), which focus on longer routes on different areas.

The wall is easy to spot while driving highway A2 towards south from Vienna, and I think you can see the silhouette already in Mödling junction. Hohe Wand is about 50 km from Mödling and as the road is highway it doesn’t take too long to drive there. About the same time than to TKAK-väggen from Umeå.

 Hohe Wand

 Nice exit for base jumpers

 Some grass and loose holds, almost like climbing on Rösås

 Traffic in the air

 Anu enjoying Austrian autumn weather. No need for a down jacket.

 The first 7- (UIAA) pitch on “Traum und Wirklichkeit”. This is a harder variation to super popular Draschgrat 5+, 200m.

 Some traffic on Draschgrat

 A paraglider

 More traffic… Traum und Wirklichkeit goes to right from here. This was a nice 40 meter pitch following overhanging crack systems.

More paragliders

Anu & 7th and last pitch

 Yet another paraglider

 On the top

 Climbing was nice, but this place is made for base jumping

Hohe Wand on a map

 Random fact of the day. You can pick only 2 kg mushrooms per day in Austria.

 Sleep late, climb slow and be at home at 5 PM.