Saturday, June 21, 2014

No more folköl

After four days of driving we finally arrived in Austria. Our campervan didn’t break down, which was a nice surprise. I feel sorry for everyone who lost the bet.

I’ve been in Austria only for a couple of times before (usually just driven through) and never in the eastern part of the country. Many have asked if we speak German or have relatives or friends in Vienna. No we don’t. Yet.

More important things: Climbing. Vienna is not really known for it’s climbing, and we knew very little beforehand. However, as we just bought our second guide book, we are slowly getting an idea. The sport climbing guidebook covers 3000 routes and 1000 boulders within 80 km from Mödling, the town we are planning to live in. Shorter routes are similar to Frankenjura, a lot of limestone walls and pillars.

Yesterday we bought a guidebook for longer (up to 17 pitches) routes. The guidebook is called “Genusskletter-Atlas” (pleasure climbing atlas) and it covers 1000 easier (up to 6b) routes. One of the areas in this guidebook even has its own guidebook with additional 1000 routes.

So, it seems there is plenty of climbing around. On our first day in Austria, after checking out two apartments (we are still homeless...), we checked out three climbing areas and nine crags. All this was closer than the closest crag in Umeå.

Besides climbing, Vienna/Mödling seems to be a nice place to live in. Sun is shining, people are friendly, beer is cheap and it’s not folköl.

 Many have asked why we don’t sleep in our campervan when driving to Austria. Maybe this photo explains.

 First night we slept in Västerås at our friend's place, second night in the ferry from Sweden to Germany. Third night at this hotel in southern Germany. They had a Finnish sauna!

 This area is right besides Mödling. Here are several climbing sectors, even though there is no climbing in the crags in the picture.

 Anu likes approaches in Mödling. 

 I think this could be called as a children friendly crag



 Frankenjuraish road

 Frankenjuraish limestone cock


 Steep & juggy!

Indoor climbing wall close to Mödling. 1200 m2 climbing area, 18 m height and longest route is 28 meters long. Hejdå IKSU!