Monday, May 19, 2014


Blåbergsträff is something every trad climber in Umeå should take part of. Unfortunately most of local crackoholists have already moved from Umeå. Also, "Toughest" -competition was arranged during the same weekend. When we arrived to Blåberget on Friday night, we were the only ones there. 

We were here for the first time in 2008, things have changed. Even the approach looks different

 Johan on År av ensamhet 7b, one of the best routes on Blåberget

 Gustav on Vulkanus 6

 This is one of the seldom repeated traverses, wonder why

 This is what Swedish trad climbing is all about: fika with tape gloves

 This little fellow was under our camera bag, be careful out there!

 More fika

 UKHK has usually offered some beer, a lovely idea, only ruined by the fact that it's  2.8% folköl.

 It just tastes terrible

 Swedes getting wasted

 Many years of complaining finally paid off! This is what I got!

 Damn right!

 Gustav didn't get one

 Party goes out of control, Johan drinks his folköl through a candy pipe

 It was actually a very nice evening. It was also nice to see that Tommy still comes to the meeting every year!