Sunday, May 11, 2014


Rainy days, especially combined with "dagen efter" are made for boulder hunting. And no, we didn't find a new Mosjön or Niemisel. Maybe more like a new i-20 and a new Starrberget. There are a lot of stones and crags in Northern Sweden, but I guess the real question is if it's worth the drive.

The first block was pretty big, but offers nothing special.

Rock was pretty rotten, but holds were nice

One-finger pocket!

These pockets were a bit exceptional in Northern Sweden as they were not done with a Hilti.

A nice finger crack

Another boulder, big but worthless

Most of the big stones look good in Google maps.

They are big but annoyingly low 

We were not the first ones here!

Some of the blocks were pretty easy to spot

Yet another lowball

This was one of the best boulders we found

It¨s big enough and overhanging on many sides

Helt okej!

Yes it's big but...

Yet another "maybe something"

A random block in the forest

Maybe not worth a 80 km drive?

I almost stepped on a bird

Big but a bit too vertical

Åselestupet might be good for fishing, but definitely not for climbing

This was a pretty nice block with a good approach

Not very high, but maybe something...

The crag behind the boulder was pretty worthless

This crag on the other hand might be something.... 15 meters of vertical climbing

There are room for maybe 10 routes, but hardly worth an 80 km drive...

Too high for bouldering, too low for sport climbing