Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Roadtripping, back in Frankenjura

I had set two goals for this trip. An 8a trad route and a 7b+ on-sight. As we didn't drive to Spain, or France, I had almost forgotten my 7b+-project. I was close to do it in Simplon Dorf but somehow I managed to fuck it up... Anyway, our quick stop in Frankenjura was my last change.

A great bivi at Simplon Pass

 Badass road, you have to watch out for burning trucks 

Drive-in train in Switzerland

 Eiger north face

 Back in Frankenjura 

 The home of limestone mushrooms 

 At first I tried to on-sight Jumanji (7b+) at Andeltodrom. Close but no cigar.

 Diebesloch, a popular crag for a reason

 A local climber on Sledgehammer (7b+)

I also gave a try...

Beavis & Butthead (7b+), this should be one of the best "9-" in Frankenjura. I did this on my second try. I also tried to on-sight Räuber Hotzenplotz 7b+ on the background... 

 Enjoying a well deserved weissbeer after on-sighting Azvenzgronkäznozünda (7b+), "a tricky overhanging groove" as the guidebook describes the route. It was our last climbing day and the last 7b+ at the crag. Sometimes hard trying pays off.