Monday, February 8, 2016

Winter in Austria vol 2

This winter has been a bit colder than the last one. This time we have experienced some minus degrees for several days in a row. At the coldest, the temps dropped to -7 degrees, which apparently is pretty hardcore around here. 

Seriously speaking, winter around Vienna can be quite foggy and rainy. The rookie mistake is to look outside the window and make plans based on local weather. Instead of the window, it’s better to check out webcams from crags or mountains that are on a bit higher altitude, like Schneeberg or Hohe Wand.

 Yes, it was raining in Mödling

 Hochfall at Hohe Wand 

Andreas moved back to Austria! Can't say I am surprised...

 The sea of fog

 More fog, this time at Frisbeeplatte

 It's a nice wall on solid limestone. The routes are 2-3 pitches long.

 Sara and Merry Christmas, one of the best grade 4 routes around: 60 meters of juggy limestone

 Days are shorter in the winter, but nothing compared to Northern Scandinavia

Back to Hohe Wand 

 Totenköpfl is one of the best sectors at Hohe Wand. The rock quality is superb.

 Anu on Osterhasi UIAA 7- 180 m / 6 pitches

 I rope soloed the route last year, but it was definitely worth climbing again

No need for long johns

 It's pretty steep climbing for the grade

 It's February 6th, helt okej!

 Next day at Nasenwand

It is a nice little crag in Dürnstein. It looks shitty but is actually pretty good. Some of the hardest routes are very similar to routes at Falkberget in Finland. 

 Nasenwand is known as a winter crag. If the sun is shining, you can climb here in a t-shirt even when it's -5 degrees. Donau on the background offers nice views, and there are some really good wineries around.

 Neue Sachlichkeit 9-

Nasenwand seems to be the only crag in Austria with soft grades.

A belayer on the top of Draschgrat. When climbing alone, it often feels pointless to carry a camera. But sometimes it is worth it.