Sunday, November 22, 2015

Wienerwald touring with Sami

Sami came by to try some Austrian limestone. This is Conan Zülzer 9 (7c), one of the best long routes at Hohe Wand.

I've wanted to climb this route for a some time now, but it's been hard to find anyone willing to get spanked. 

Sami didn't mind, as a mountain guide he is used to hang out with fat clients.

After the crux pitch climbing gets annoyingly technical. I was happy to be able to climb rest of the route on top rope.

It was a nice day even though we both managed to screw up pretty much all the hard pitches. 

Next day at Peilstein

 Sami on Viribus Unitis 7

Matterhorn, Sami on his way to Sphinx 6 

 Evening sun at Peilstein

Back at Hohe Wand


 On the right side you can find limestone similar to Demi Lune sector at Ceüse.

 Sami on Bin Bei Passini 8

As you need to rappel to get to Bizepswandl, you also need to climb back up. Sami on 40-meter long Reifeprüfung 7-. It looks a bit shitty but it was actually a very nice route.

Another mountain goat