Thursday, July 9, 2015

27crags goes offline

For those not familiar with it yet, is a website where anyone can make online climbing topos and keep track of routes that one has climbed. The scorecard system is similar to, but ranking is not the central point here.

Making a topo is incredibly easy. You just take a photo, upload it to the website and draw the lines. For example, the online topo for Rösås has long been the only existing guidebook for the sport sectors of the crag. Just a few months ago a new guidebook from Northern Sweden was published and even though a physical book is nice to read, Internet topos have their advantages. New routes are made, holds break, and grades change. All the changes are easy and fast to update online, while with physical books you have to wait for the second edition (which you probably won’t buy as the old one is still sort of ok).

27crags’ dream is to create a service where all the climbing topos would be possible to get straight to your mobile phone, with a possibility to use them offline as well. This dream took a huge step forward when they started a fundraising campaign to develop a 27crags-app.

Here is more info about the application:

So get your subscription now! Onsight- and flash-subscriptions are already sold out, but the “badass”-subscription is highly recommended :)!