Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Osp mit Johan

A while ago Johan asked me if I would be interest to travel to Spain again. Some might remember our epic trip from last year. Even though Margalef is one of the best sport climbing areas I've been to, I found it very hard to see any reason to buy plane tickets to Spain. Osp is just a few hours away, and offers more steep lime stone you can handle.

So, instead of travelling to Spain, Johan came to Vienna. Unfortunately his baggage didn't arrive, but as he was smart enough to have his climbing shoes in the hand luggages (free tip for everyone), we decided to live on the edge and drive to Osp without his spare underwear.

 Osp, once again

 Misja Pec

 Johan getting peppad

 Soncni dnevi 7b. "Så jävla bra".

It's very technical and definitely steeper than it looks 

Johan enjoys Slovenian sun

 Me & Dalec stran je sodni dan 7b

Last time we met a biker with a full face helmet. He told me where to find a nice downhill track. He also said I would need all protections. I didn't believe him.

 A two-meter drop with bad landing... I guess the guy was right.

 Luckily most of the track was like this 

The track is pretty easy to find, just head towards Tinjan until you see the track beside the road. The other solution is to start from the end of the trail and push your bike up.

Back at the crag with Rex

Crni Biser 7c, yet another awesome line

 Johan & Suznji vertikale 7a+

 Party at the town

 Slovenia is a catholic country so they have their own carnival. It's like Rio de Janeiro but on a bit smaller scale. 

 Age of rock

Mandatory sunset photo. Nothing special but beats Vantaa.

Back in Mödling with 5 liters of Slovenian wine