Sunday, November 24, 2013

Haukkari goes live in Umeå

When I came back from Patagonia in 2012, I thought about arranging a slide show about our trip. However, when I had gone through all our 5000 photos and edited a big part of them, I was pretty fed up and found it hard to believe that anyone would like to see them. Or maybe see them, like 5 minutes in the Internet, but me talking shit about our trip felt like a very boring idea.

When I came back from Yosemite in October, something was different. My friends seemed to be interested about bigwall climbing so I decided to arrange a slide show at home. Soon I realized that there might be 15-20 persons that would like to see the photos and we all in our living room, watching photos from a computer felt like a bad teen party.

Luckily, I have some contacts at our climbing gym IKSU, and soon I had booked an 80-persons auditorium for the show. Yes, IKSU has smaller conference rooms as well, but this one had a kick-ass video projector and loudspeakers.

November the 23rd was an exciting night. And not only because this was my first slide show in Swedish. Only 15 minutes before the show there was only one guest. And he was there early only because he thought I would have started one hour earlier... Slowly, more people started to show up, and the big auditorium didn't look that empty anymore.

Unfortunately, there were two(?!) climbing competitions on the very same day, so some of my friends decided to skip my show. For a second I was a bit sad, but on the other hand this was maybe just a good thing. I mean, the auditorium was so full that even though we had some extra chairs, some had to stand throughout the whole show.

 I was more nervous before the show than before soloing El Capitan...

The show went well and I received a lot of positive comments afterwards. And btw, those who missed the show, feel free to spread the word at work if there is a need for an inspirational speaker. I don't really focus on how to make your team more efficient, but I can show some cool photos!