Monday, May 9, 2016

A sad day at Hohe Wand

 Anu on Mond und Sterne 7-

The first pitch was pretty nice, but the rest of the route was loose and shitty

 On the way back we saw a helicopter flying close to the wall

 Soon the parking lot started to fill up with police cars

 A rescue copter landed on the nearby field

 Rescuers on the way

 Unfortunately there was nothing to be rescued anymore so the rescue copter flew away

A 21-year old climber had fallen 130-140 meters to the ground. Apparently he was climbing on easy ground without protection when a hold broke.

 The place was right under a via ferrata called Blutspur, which is known to have a dangerous approach.

 A police copter with a rescuer hanging on the rope

The accident happened right below the Skywalk

 The copter picked up the casualty