Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Summer vacation, part 2


 Fat-O looking forward to some fisting action

Olli on Monster spatz 6a 

This is me in 2013. I tried to be a badass and climb shirtless... I couldn't get up and ended up sliding down the whole crack. Twice. 

This time I decided to save some skin and climb with a shirt. It was still pretty difficult climbing. It's not the easiest 6a you can find.

 We also met some other friends. Here are Chiara and Lucas from Domodossola.

 Lucas on The Doors, 8a+. Cadarese is only 30 minutes from Domodossola, but this was the first time he tried this famous route. Apparently they have too much climbing around. 

Foglie Cadenti 6a+

Anu on The Black Dihedral 6a+

 Olli & Hannibal 7a. This might be also doable on trad gear

 It’s quite steep!

Crack a go go 7a

 A random guy taking some airtime

 A bad friction day

 It was still quite ok to train

 Me on Pink can

 Close but no cigar. I couldn’t find info about the grade but it’s pretty hard.

Checking out some new projects. The approach is not too bad.

Btw. We got some very nice photos from another team on Torre Grande. I updated the previous post with the photos.