Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend warrior in Austria

Sampsa is known for his weekend trips around Europe. Longer climbing trips might be hard to combine with a family life, but sometimes a long weekend is all you need to climb something big.

This is actually often the case even when you have a lot of time. I have found that if I spent two weeks in Lofoten Islands, I would usually climb only one “big” route. A long route takes seldom more than a day or two and the rest of the climbing trip I would spend climbing shorter routes or resting from the long route. But these things you can also do at home. 

Anyhow, this time the plan was to climb some ice routes in Austria. A lovely idea, but as I posted last week, it’s a bit shy of ice at the moment. 

The good thing about Austria is that you can always find something to do. And I’m not just talking about cheap weissbeer.

Hohewand 17.1.2015.  +9 C.

We climbed  Zukunftsweiser 7+ UIAA, 180 meters

Sampsa & a tricky 6+ corner

The crux was a cool overhanging dihedral

Sampsa made quite an impression to the local girls at the top. It took less than 30 seconds and the girls were more than happy to give us a lift to our car. 

The next day was nice and sunny in Mödling, but for some reason we decided to drive to the base of Schneeberg, where it was not nice or sunny. Hiking in the rain is always super fun, but somehow we ended up here.

Slacklining at Kletterhalle Wien. At the same time Anu was snowboarding at Stuhleck, and soon powder riding started to sound like a good idea. 

Obertauern is voted for the best ski resort in Austria, and there should be about 140 cm of snow.


Helt okej!

Not much fresh powder, but we took what we got

Good thing about living in Austria is that you can make a day trip to a place like this

Sampsa & the clouds

We decided to hike a bit to find some virgin snow

Sampsa droppin’ in

Rainbow, halo, or some other cool stuff

Next day, back in Lower Austria. This is Adlitzmix mix M7/M7+ at Adlitzgräben

Steep and pumpy!

Sampsa made a cramponless ascent. 

We also found yet another mixed crag. It doesn’t look too special, but take a look at the’s pretty damn steep!