Sunday, August 10, 2014


Peilstein is probably the closest climbing area to us where it is possible to do some multi-pitch climbing. Routes are not too long, but long enough to make a difference to one-pitch sport climbing.

Superb rock quality and glue-in bolts make this a perfect place for anyone who wants to train for longer routes. Also, this is very nice place if you want to do some easy climbing on rest days.

There are also some harder (7b-8a?) routes in caves, but unfortunately our “pleasure climbing” guidebook does not cover these routes. Peilstein has its own guidebook with 1400 routes. On the other hand, if you want to do harder routes, Thalhofergrat (with a 3 min approach) is just around the corner.

Few photos:

 Peilstein, 28 km from Mödling, helt okej!

 Approach is about 30 minutes. However, there is a sign at the top of the crag that says a bus stop is 20 min of walking on the other way. It’s pretty cool when you can take a bus to a place like this.

 The view is nice already from the base of the crag

 First pitch on Weg der Ersterteiger 3+ 90m. I think the route is usually done in four pitches.

 A thunderstorm hit us on the last pitch. Fortunately these showers seem to be very short.

 Anu on the top of Cimone

 We did also another route, a variation to Ballounsteig 3+(?). A fun way to spend a rest day.

 Top of Große Teufelsbadstubenwand

 Matterhorn (not the famous one)

 Cimone, it’s about 80 meter high and quite similar to Svolvaergeita on Lofoten.

 A sharp arete, you can see how the light comes through the holes in the wall

 Safety first

Austria is green.