Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Umeå dries

This has been the shortest ice season ever. Season started at Bojnäs/Maltbränna in mid-January, and in the beginning of Mars it was already +6 °C. The main curtain at Maltbränna and the pillar at Bojnäs never formed. Now it's a few minus degrees again, but I'm pretty sure you'd need to drive a bit further to find some good ice.

It looks like free climbing season is on around Umeå. Norrmjöle, Rösås, Mosjön, Midskogs and Skravel 2 have all been in very good condition. I dare to say Ringkallen is also dry.

Here are some photos from last week.

Mosjön, one of the best bouldering places I've ever been to. 

Johan on Nirvana 7C

 Close but no cigar

 Bad friction?


 Johan working on Finska skriket 8a

It's steeper than I remembered

 Skravel 2. Linus opening the road.

 I want to have a 4WD as well!!

Ok, it wasn't that easy...but at least we made it halfway.

Linus and The Four Noble Truths 8A

I'm not an expert on boulder grades, but what I do know is that this is way harder than Mobilt arbete ss. Maybe Dag was right?