Monday, March 10, 2014

Mobilt arbete assis 7C+

I’m not a big fan of bouldering, but I’m a big fan of 8a-grades. Last summer I did my first 8a on trad, and a 8a boulder was the last thing missing from my holy 8a-triangle.

Mobilt arbete assis 8a felt perfect. It’s located in Norrmjöle, 25 km from Umeå, and most importantly, it felt possible when I tried it last year. Sadly, Dag “Brave and Humble” Knutsson was too strong and humble enough to downgrade the boulder last fall.

Anyway, I did the boulder today. My holy 8a-triangle still remains uncompleted, but this was a nice step closer.

Here are some pics from our previous visit with Alfred.

 Affe working on Mobilt arbete assis 7C+

 Holds are quite slopy

 Affe trying hard

 The crux is to keep your legs in the roof and continue to the 7A+ -stand start.

 Time goes fast. When we moved to Umeå, Alfred was 13. Today, he is a happy car-owner.