Friday, July 19, 2013

Roadtripping, Trento & Arco

After a week in Frankenjura we decided to move on. Our next destination was a bit unsure, but something in Northern Italy. While heading south, we spent a couple of days in Trento. There is a lot of climbing around Trento, but instead of climbing, we met Anu's colleague, ate well, and got rested. 

 Heading south... somewhere in Austria, I think


 Ice cream in Trento

 Searching for climbing shops...

Navigation was a bit hard as some of the streets were like this

 The Shining

 Cool tree

 Another cool tree

 Cool house

 Romantic walking in Trento

Street art

 Trento is surrounded by crags

 Trento from a mountain, it's bigger than I expected

 No, we didn't walk up there. A weird thing, the cabin was full of people, but we were the only tourists. The others were just coming home from work...

Anu's colleague invited us for a dinner in a traditional Northern Italian restaurant

 They even made their own beer!

 Salsa party

 Trento in the night

 On the road again... heading to Arco

 Arco is known for climbing but I was more into shopping. If you have a fetish for climbing gear, this place is a paradise.

 Lake Garda

 Windsurfers really like this place, I've never understood why

Somewhere around Milan. 34 C outdoor temp, 38 C in the car...

 A random lake close to motorway, helt okej

 Swimming with swans